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Fall 2011 | Vol. 5, Number 4

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As we move closer to the end of the calendar year, it is an opportune time to reflect on some of the recent accomplishments that our beloved university has achieved.

As most of you know, LAU has been awarded its second grant for the University Scholarship Assistance Program (USAP) from the United States government. This nearly $7.5 million grant will provide another round of talented yet needy public school students from Lebanon with life-changing scholarships to LAU. Receiving this second USAP grant is symbolic of both our growing reputation as a major force to reckon with in higher education and the great work that each of you, as well as our faculty, staff and administrators, are engaged in to make LAU a world class institution.

Secondly, when the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) recently granted full regional accreditation to all of LAU’s engineering programs, and, in addition, when our BS in Computer Science program became the first and only ABET accredited Computer Sciences program in Lebanon, we took a major step forward as an institution. As you know, attaining program-specific accreditation is a vital component to our strategic plan and we should all take heart in what our School of Engineering and our Computer Science program have achieved. Through accrediting more of our diverse array of programs we are reaching an important milestone and our success in completing this process yet again is another testament to our professional and determined approach on this issue.

But we are not finished. With these accomplishments clearly LAU is on an unstoppable roll. And the enthusiasm that the entire LAU community has for its mission, as well as our faith in what we stand for is unshakable. This drive will, in part, help us to obtain even more achievements like these in the months and years ahead.

LAU could not have these, or any other successes without your valuable commitment and support. We are proud of what we have accomplished and excited about what we have yet to accomplish. Without your wisdom and guidance, along with the hard work of every member of the LAU family, we would not have nearly as much to celebrate.

On behalf of LAU I thank you and look forward to our continued success.


Joseph G. Jabbra

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